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By logging in with a testuser we offer you the possibility to try our service without signing up. All features work, except for an actial export of SEPA XML files.

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Direct Debit Countries

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What do we offer

SEPA without worries: we take all exceptions into account. The advatages:

  1. Convert CLIEOP03 file to SEPA file
  2. Simply import your address book and mandates via Excel or CSV file
  3. Complete management of your SEPA mandates

We offer the possibility to convert an existing Dutch direct debit file (CLIEOP03) to a European Direct Debit file (SEPA) for free untill January 1st 2014 using our website. You can do this without any cost till January 1st, 2013.We will now shortly explain how you can convert your CLIEOP03 file with our online service to a SEPA compliant file.

To make this possible we need a some basic data, like your debtors with accompanying mandate data. We need this data to successfully create a European Direct Debit file. We offer the possibility to enter and maintain this data, but to make it easy for you, you can also upload this data in one go using an Microsoft Excel sheet supplied by us.

After we have this basic set of data you can now easily create a European Direct Debit file. This can be done in two ways:

1. Manually

You can assign debtors to categories. You can assign your debtors to category "Swimming lessons group A" for example. When you start a new direct debit batch you can enter a transaction using this category. When you click save the system will create a transaction for every debtor in that category that has a valid mandate. This will save you time in case you need to collect the same amount for a large number of debtors.

2. Process CLIEOP03 file

In case you are already using direct debit, but your software is not ready yet to support the creation of a SEPA Direct Debit file, you can upload and process this file with us. Our system will create a mapping for each transaction to a valid mandate. When all mandates are present correctly you can export your batch to a European Direct Debit file immediately.

We save only the necessary information, so you can get back to work the next time you log in. We only save direct debit transaction data as long as you don’t remove them from our system. Next to this out service is very secure and reliable.

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