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SEPA without worries: we take all exceptions into account. The advatages:

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  3. Complete management of your SEPA mandates

Mandates are not new of course, but what is new is that the information about these mandates should be sent along with every Direct Debit transaction. There must be some compulsory data recorded and sent to the bank.The advantage for you as a creditor is that in case of a possible dispute over a direct debit transaction the chances are smaller that you need to refund the transaction (if the mandates are administered correctly) and for the debtor that the chances are smaller for random false direct debits (exceptions always occur).

If you already place direct debit transaction, you don't need sign new mandates by your debtors. It is important for these mandates that the date of 1-11-2009 will be used as the date of signature. You can decide yourself whether existing mandates turnover to Core or Business to Business (B2B) Direct Debit types. Before you start using European Direct Debit with your debtors using existing mandates, you must first notify them about your Creditor ID and mandate ID that you assigned to their mandate in your records.

The following information must be recorded for correct operation of the European Direct Debit:

  1. the European Direct Debit type (one-off or recurrent and Core or B2B);
  2. your name and address as a creditor;
  3. your creditor ID;
  4. a fixed text with the reason of direct debit;
  5. a unique mandate number;
  6. the refund period (8 weeks for Core Direct Debits and no refund option for Business to Business (B2B) Direct Debits);
  7. the name and address of the debtor;
  8. the account number in IBAN format of the debtor (and the BIC if the country of the debtor is other than the Netherlands);
  9. the place, date and signature of the debtor.

By using our service you can record this information and print or email mandates as a PDF. We also make sure that the correct information will be in the file that is sent to the bank. This way you will easily meet the SEPA requirements.

Important differences between the Core and B2B mandates

The B2B mandates can only be used between companies, which hold a business account. In addition, there is no refund period for B2B mandates (refund period for Core mandates is up to 8 weeks and 13 months through the bank). Also take into account that B2B mandates should not only be signed by the debtor, but also be recorded in the Online Banking area at the bank of the debtor by the debtor. If the B2B mandate is not recorded there correctly, the Direct Debit does not work.

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