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The Multiple European Credit Transfer is based on the standard of the Single European Credit Transfer (S-ECT). Sometimes other names are used for the European Credit Transfer, like SEPA Credit Transfer or Europayment. Money can be transferred between Euro-accounts in the whole of Europe with the European Credit Transfer. Using our service you can create Multiple European Credit Transfer (M-ECT) files (PAIN.001.001.03).

What is a European Credit Transfer
The European Credit Transfer is a payment method to transfer money crossborder the same way as you would do for domestic payments. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to maintain different accounts in other SEPA-countries anymore.

A European Credit Transfer has the following characteristics:

• using IBAN is standard;
• the format of credit tramsfer files is PAIN.001.001.03 conform ISO 20022 XML;
• the maximum process time is equally in the whole SEPA-area;
• there is room for 140 characters in the description;
• a payment reference offers room for 35 characters.

How the online service of works

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  1. Optional: upload and process existing CLIEOP03 creditbatch.
  2. Manually create new and/or view or change a processed European creditbatch.
  3. Transactions will be placed in a SEPA PAIN.001.001.03 XML for download.
  4. After logging in at the bank upload the downloaded SEPA XML file for further approval and processing.
  5. Bank credits the account of the customer and debits the account of the creditor.

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