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By logging in with a testuser we offer you the possibility to try our service without signing up. All features work, except for an actial export of SEPA XML files.

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Direct Debit Countries

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What do we offer

SEPA without worries: we take all exceptions into account. The advatages:

  1. Convert CLIEOP03 file to SEPA file
  2. Simply import your address book and mandates via Excel or CSV file
  3. Complete management of your SEPA mandates

There is plenty of information available about the differences between the current Dutch Direct Debit product (CLIEOP03) and the new European Direct Debit product (PAIN.008.001.02). Because the requirements of the European Direct Debit product is greatly increased and the file differences are too big, there is now a service which ensures that you can easily meet these requirements and can easily create an European SEPA Direct Debit file. You only need to know the following important differences:

  1. New types of Direct Debit;
  2. Possible in the entire SEPA area (practically whole of Europe);
  3. Using the accountnumbers of all your debtors in the IBAN format;
  4. Creditor ID required from your bank;
  5. Only possible in Euro;
  6. Mandatemanagement required;
  7. Mandate- and debtordata have to be send in the SEPA Direct Debit file;
  8. Pre notifications required for your debtors.

How the online service of works

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  1. Optional: upload and process existing CLIEOP03 Direct Debit batch.
  2. Manually create new SEPA Direct Debit batch and / or view or modify processed Direct Debit batch.
  3. Transactions in the Direct Debit batch are enriched with mandate data and are placed in a SEPA XML PAIN.008.001.02 for download.
  4. After login upload at the bank the downloaded SEPA XML file for further processing and approval.
  5. Bank debits the customer's account and credits the account of the client.

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