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By logging in with a testuser we offer you the possibility to try our service without signing up. All features work, except for an actial export of SEPA XML files.

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Convert your existing CLIEOP03 files to the SEPA format easily?


Sign up now and upload your CLIEOP03 files to convert them with our online service to the correct SEPA file format. Click here for our rates.

What do we offer

SEPA without worries: we take all exceptions into account. The advatages:

  1. Convert CLIEOP03 file to SEPA file
  2. Simply import your address book and mandates via Excel or CSV file
  3. Complete management of your SEPA mandates
Europese Incasso Service is a service of Frits. By signing up you will subscribe with Frits, which will be renewed automatically every year. Invoicing will take place each quarter and will be charged afterwards using direct debit.

Our online service costs  1,00 per batch, with a minimum of € 2,50 per month.Converting accountnumbers to IBAN is a standard service offering and costs€ 0,25 per conversionin case there is no corresponding IBAN in the addressbook for the supplied account number. These costs can be prevented be filling the addressbook manually by using our standard Excel sheet.

For this you will get the following functionality:
- Support for European Direct Debit (SDD CORE and B2B SDD);
- Support for European Credit Transfer (M-ECT);
- conversion of accountnumbers to IBAN;
- Automatic IBAN control;
- Automatic BIC control;
- Import of CLIEOP03 files and export directly to a SEPA XML file;
- Up to 1000 transactions per batch;
- Create direct debit batches;
- copy batches to quickly create a new batch;
- Correct and create transactions from Address Book;
- Import from Excel serving Address Book and Mandates;
- Unlimited number of own bank accounts;
- generating your mandates in PDF;
- rapporting of your batches in PDF.

Additionally you can also upload and import accounting information files for reconciliation purposes very soon. The file formats we support are MT940 Structured, PAIN.002 (Customer Payment Status Report) and CAMT.053. Read more on this page about this functionality. The additional costs are € 2,45 per month.

All prices are excluding VAT. Billing takes place quarterly and will be collected using european direct debit.

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